Work from Artists that have shown or will show at Galleries Goldstein:



Fluorescent Smogg Release Daniel Sparkes Edition 

In a horrific continuation from the Vorticist sculptures of Jacob Epstein,  this large format etching is split

into two short editions; the first of 13 as pictured, with a further special edition of 5 hand finished by the artist

with additional gold leaf, gouache heraldry and graphite finished landscapes.

April 2014




New Petro Painting, February 2014



Smurfield Quag – Daniel Sparkes & Russell Maurice, B&B Sheffield, November 2013



Russell Maurice - Instructional Objects in the Midday Mist, Newcastle, September 2013




Mat Eko - Brother Dolomite, Bristol, May 2013



Willem Weismann – Chaîne Opératoire,  Galeria Quadrado Azul, Porto, April 2013



False Fluxus Fraternity @ SITE Art Festival, Stroud, 2013

Mat Eko

Russell Maurice


Emma Sheridan

Daniel Sparkes

Lewis Teague Wright



Pilgrim – Russell Maurice & Petro @ Parade Gallery, Margate, 2012




Ken Sortais & Horfe, Norway 2012




Mat Eko - Bricks, Sticks & Mortar, Glasgow





Sickboy @ Nuart festival in Stavanger, Norway 


Photo: Ian Cox 


Russell Maurice prints




Han Dynasty, Copenhagen, October 2012



Duncan, Age 40 – Margate



Egs & Pubes, Helsinki 2012





Petro @ Tower Art Gallery, Newcastle, August 2012




Pinky@ Ar Tel, Bristol




Dmitri Galitzine & Craig Barnes @ Downstairs,  Hereford,  till Sept 16th





Müdwig, Sickboy & Russell Maurice: Kiosk at OUT OF STH, Wroclaw, Poland, June 2012






Egs at Pori Art Museum, HelsinkiFeb 2012


Egs, Pinky & R.Maurice at Napa Gallery, Helsinki, 26.10.11 – 19.11.11





Dmitri Galitzine – Prune. Fold Gallery, October 2011