The Pilgrim

Russell Maurice


At Fluorescent Smogg,  Barcelona,  Oct 1st – Nov 30th 2015


The Pilgrim – Forever searching,  he got pretty bashed up on his travels.


Fluorescent Smogg are proud to present an exhibition of new works to celebrate the launch of a new Bronze edition “The Pilgrim” by Russell Maurice.

Like many of his objects,  Maurice’s 20cm Bronze cast of a bindle (a stick and fabric bundle bag) initially emerged from an Alchemic symbol. This then travelled through his cosmiche comic treatment… and came out walking.


But wait. What’s Castle Grayskull doing here? Is it Kitsch? Or just a reference to 80′s cartoons?


The Pilgrim is not alone. He stands amidst other tearful creatures,  set within a landscape of otherworldliness:- Still still-lives,  bits of bits of Coral. Fulgurite Golems. Bleached smurf bottle stoppers. Old boots. Gravestones. Candlesticks. Lightning… Somewhere on his journey. The Pilgrim shows Maurice’s continuing use of the ragged, the scrappy, of cut-out offcuts not  just clean canvases: more hobo than highbrow. But what might seem like a slippery slope towards Pop Art is in fact a continuation of the mystical and pan-psychic themes of birth, death and rebirth: The continuation of the themes that preoccupy Maurice’s current art practice. The use of the Comic, though,  retains some tongue in cheek.


Edition of 13 Bronzes available here:


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