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Nowadays, having a background in writing code is no longer a necessity when it comes to setting up your own website. From blogs to online stores, anyone can now create a website that accompanies the features that they want such as secure payment options and newsletter subscription.

Website templates made building websites a possibility for everyone. Templates can do a lot of things. They give you the freedom to just pick whatever suits your needs and taste, pay for it, and customize it to your liking.

Though a small amount of programming knowledge is still a big thing, as it can give better customization options, dragging & dropping elements of the template is all that’s needed for anyone to build a working website.

Template Monster is one of these template providers Template Monster is known for its expert level, exceptional website templates. The Template Monster shop stocks a wide assortment of WordPress templates in several categories, instance, business and administrations, design of structures, typography, sports, outdoor activities, traveling, home and family are just some of them.

Template Monster subjects are curated to deal with client problems. Even design beginners will find Template Monster simple to use in any situation.

They are also quality-checked to ensure clients get a quick and secure item. So that you’ll have the option to review a template prior to downloading, Template Monster has a live demo option. The download process is clear and will not require you to invest a lot of time and effort.

After successfully completing the purchase of any template, you will have a .zip file in the ready with all the template’s parts as well as the essential documentation ready for downloading at your convenience.


What Can You Expect from Template Monster? Template Monster Woocommerce

It was in 2002 that Template Monster was launched. It started offering only a couple of templates which were designed and created by its own team of website developers.

These days, Template Monster has become among the largest and most respected name in the template supplying business. Its wide template offering from a diverse group of creators and individual contributors is the reason for this.

Template Monster has even gone on to amass awards which includes Website of the Year’s “Best Site” and “Most Popular Site” awards, and the highly regarded American Association of Webmasters “Webmaster of the Year” award.

Many template creators have managed to leverage Template Monster to sell their works for about two years now. In real numbers, the products available on the Template Monster marketplace add up to over 30,000 and rising.

Many individual contributors have managed to earn through Template Monster due to the templates that they’ve designed. Templates from these freelance creators are a big part of Template Monster’s store, which have already passed the 30,000 mark.

Summary of Features

Template Monster has a Really Wide Array of Templates

When I talk about Template Monster’s marketplace, I might have been a little bit inaccurate as its very broad offering can make it look as its own department store instead.

For whatever purpose, you can get any kind of website template with the motif that’s just right for you on Template Monster.

From e-commerce websites, CMS-based templates, as well as your traditional HTML templates, almost anything that is related to website development can be found here.

The templates also don’t only come off as rigid templates which you can only tweak a little bit. Every purchase will give you the files that were used to build the template. This makes for customization that is only limited by your creativity.

If you still need convincing on how varied Template Monster’s market is, then here are the numbers on the templates for each stage:

BigCommerce- At least 5.

X-Cart- At least 15.

VirtueMart- At least 200.

ZenCart- At least 200.

Drupal- At least 300.

Magento- At least 400.

Shopify- At least 500.

WooCommerce- At least 500.

OpenCart- At least 600.

PrestaShop- At least 600.

Moto CMS 3- At least 700.

Joomla- At least 1,000.

WordPress- At least 2,000.

Not to mention Elementor which is expounded on by this video by LivingwithPixels.

Template Monster’s services will be highly useful for CMS users and e-commerce entrepreneurs, judging from this list.


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But if you still need help categorizing the templates to find what’s best for your business, then you would be thankful that Template Monster has already done that for you.

Here are the different motif categories that you can find on Template Monster:

WooCommerce Themes — WooCommerce templates give themes and helpful features for online stores. WooCommerce is an undeniably useful shopping cart module that coordinates consistently with WordPress.

Fashion & Beauty

Entertainment, Games & Nightlife


Education & Books

Design & Photography

Computers & Internet

Cars & Motorcycles

Businesses & Services

Animals & Pets

Arts & Culture

Sports, Outdoors & Travel

Society & People

Real Estate

Medical (Healthcare)

Home & Family

Holidays, Gifts & Flowers

Food & Restaurant

Interestingly, you have the option of buying more than only one template or theme. Along with your selected template, you can purchase a range of supplementary add-ons. While some of them are provided by the template designer, others come from Template Monster, or perhaps even an external entity.

Template Monster takes being a comprehensive package seriously, as you can buy more than just templates and themes. Depending on the aim of your website, you can select from a wide choice of website features and widgets which you can add together with your initial template purchase.

Aside from the Template Monster team, features and widgets can also be from freelance creators. Some are even created by 3rd party site development teams.

Suitable template licensing terms

So, as soon as you’ve paid to get a template from Template Monster and downloaded its source material, how often can you use these templates to your websites?

Luckily, a broad selection of licensing terms can be arranged with Template Monster. The most common licensing is the “Single Site” licensing term, which will make it possible for you to use the templates for one website development.

If you want deeper customization and better liberty with your purchase, then there is the “Developer’s”  license as well as the amazing “Buyout/Exclusive” licenses.

If a template that has never been used before is what you want, then just pick the “Zero Download” licensing option, which filters the templates that have never been acquired by anybody else. you would be free to pick the template of your dreams after that.

Template Monster Woocommerce

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Deep Customization Possibilities

For the complete beginners, purchasing a website template will reduce their design process to an absolute minimum: just a couple of clicks and purchases. This way, building a site can involve absolutely no programming at all, with some template purchases even coming with visual design editing capabilities.

But when it comes to technical tweaking, you would probably have to have a small amount of coding knowledge. The tweaking and editing process will involve coding.

The features built into the template will determine the level of customization that you can explore. While many templates can be comfortably tweaked with no coding, there are a few whose elements tend to prefer experienced coders. Template Monster Woocommerce

Since the data used for constructing the templates are all available for download, you can technically tweak the templates as much as you need to. This is a quality that can only be taken advantage of by people who understand web development, however.

Luckily for people who do not have the opportunity to learn programming, some template providers on Template Monster offer template editing services too. Although the price varies, you can expect it to still be a worthy purchase as you will be getting exactly what you need for yout website.

The sheer number of templates will make it likely that you would be able to get a template that will fit your website like a glove should be enough for you to do customizations without typing a single line of code.

Template Features

Interactive features that can suit your requirements are also in place to make your website more interesting. Here are some of them:

Web Forms

If you would like to create contacts for a newsletter for a feature to allow visitors register on your website, then you would appreciate this.

Media Integration

This widget makes it easy for users to include media in the form of photographs, videos, etc. on their sites.

Miscellaneous Sections and Widgets

This is where you’ll find page components of varying purpose such as picture displays, maps, scheduling attributes, comments sections etc.


Most templates also have built in and customizable animations for browsing through your site.

Currency and Language Support

For those who cater to visitors from other nations, then this can help you out to make your website more difficult to burglars.

Theme Editor

This changes from template to template, but you can see from this the degree of customization that the template provides without the need for coding. Some template categories like Shopify themes include a Sections editor feature.

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Conclusion Template Monster Woocommerce

Template Monster will save you plenty of time and effort when it comes to building the website of your dreams.

I think that the best thing about Template Monster isn’t only the number of templates available for purchase. It’s not even the degree of customization that it can offer you. I think that the best perk of Template Monster is that it is merely a market, where you are able to find templates made by whole teams and solo freelance programmers who know what they’re doing and follow ideas and looks that have worked before.

Template Monster is also amazing due to the way that you can directly communicate with the template suppliers if you would like the template to be tailor-fit to what you are thinking about which is something very important to think about. Even in the most technical revisions, the pricing is still quite flexible.

Coupled with Template Monster‘s good template testing coverage, this makes for a marketplace where really the best templates will stick out. Template Monster Woocommerce

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Q: What formats are the templates in?

A: The templates com in HTML format, while the media content are Photoshop files

Q: How much can I edit my bought templates?

A: You can edit the templates as much (or as little) as you need to

Q: Can I resell a template?

A: No. Reselling templates isn’t allowed under the licenses available.

Q: Do I need to pay monthly to use the templates?

A: No. Each template involves a one time purchase only, and the conditions of use are indicated on the licensing.

Q: Does Template Monster have a return policy?

A: No. Template Monster generally does not have a return for purchases.


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